Non-stop innovation

With the desire to renovate the service industry, we always carry with us the enthusiasm and determination to build an ecosystem to provide customers with unlimited service experiences with the smartest solutions

We provide solution

Metamart Solution

Many business are facing difficulties and lack of solutions
Metamart was born for a mission to bring the most creative and innovative solutions for you

  • 1High marketing cost
  • 2Transparency
  • 3Customer retention
  • 4Customer service

Jomee App

Why we create Jomee

More than just an e-commerce app, Jomee is also a personal assistant to help you shape your lifestyle and fashion, be unique, be yourself with Jomee! We want to make Jomee a Super App that accompanies you to bring a more comfortable and convenient living experience

  • Existing applications have not really exploited the market, many potential customers are forgotten despite the great demand
  • Customers are confusing among hundreds of options but can't find the right solution for their needs
  • Many applications only support booking and promotions without integrating payment features, causing inconvenience to users
  • The service industry is still limited, it is difficult to find an application that aggregates solutions for your life